The Stigma Loss Project


Each story below shares personal examples of being rejected due to stigma, highlighting how the person was impacted and ways they learned to cope. We are still in the process of collecting stories.

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We invite you to add your story using the form below. This is meant to be an empowering experience, so that means we invite people to share stories anonymously if that feels best to them and all stories will be posted anonymously to allow people to benefit from hearing them without the author feeling exposed and open to being contacted. Note that all submitted stories will be reviewed and edited before being posted. If you opt to provide your e-mail address, you will have complete control over your story. That means you will have approval over how we edit the story and the right to contact us to take it down at any time if you change your mind about it circulating – again because our goal is to empower the storyteller as well as help the listener. Those who have shared their e-mail addresses will also have the chance to be public in the future, in the event enough authors indicate a desire for attribution that we reconsider the forced anonymity policy.